Project Overview

Project Overview

Main themes and priorities

1. To promote the reform and modernization of higher education in the partner countries;
2. To build up the capacity of higher education institutions in the partner countries and the EU, in particular for international cooperation and for a permanent modernization process, and to assist them in opening themselves up to society at large;
3. To enhance networking among higher education institutions and research institutions across the Partner Countries and EU Member States.

Project Activities

Objective 1: To prepare the HEI faculty of Georgia and Ukraine to apply modern pedagogical methods
Activity 1.1. Organization of trainings for faculty/Academic Content/Pedagogical Approach
•    Module I: Teaching methods;
•    Module II: Development of syllabus
•    Module III: Multilingual/Multicultural Education
Objective 2: To prepare HEIs of Georgia and Ukraine to deliver modern BA, MA programs
•    Activity 2.1. Development of the frame curriculum for MA    multilingual education programs;
•    Activity 2.2. Development of the syllabi;
•    Activity 2.3. Organization of study tours in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania for the faculty of Georgian and Ukrainian universities;
•    Activity 2.4. Development of the moodle platform and web-sites for programs and courses;
•    Activity 2.5. Piloting and introduction of BA program;
•    Activity 2.6. Piloting and introduction of MA program
Objective 3: To provide public schools of Georgia and Ukraine with qualified teachers
•    Activity 3.1. To prepare in-service teacher’s professional development program;
•    Activity 3.2. To train 400 in service teachers from Georgia and Ukraine
Objective 4.  To equip HEIs with sufficient, up to dated teaching materials and equipment
•    Activity 4.1. Translation of textbooks for targeted universities into Georgian and Ukrainian languages
•    Activity 4.2. Publishing International E-journal “International Journal on Bilingual Education”
•    Activity 4.3. Technical equipment of HEIs

Target groups and final beneficiaries

•    6  Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) of Georgia and the Ukraine,
•    42 faculty members of the departments of education, humanities, linguistics, psychology, political science of these 6 universities;
•    400 in-service teachers of Georgian and Ukrainian public schools;
•    60 BA students of Georgia and Ukraine ;
•    40 MA students of Georgia and Ukraine.

Quality Assurance

•    Programs will be evaluated and adopted by Quality Assurance Department of targeted HEIs;
•    BA, MA, as well as In-service teachers programs will be accredited by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement of the Ministries of Education of Georgia and Ukraine;
•    Assessment survey will be conducted for evaluation of the implementation of the programs after each semester; EU partner university faculty members will visit Georgia and Ukraine for evaluation and consultations;
•    Students evaluation forms will be developed and students will evaluate the effectiveness of each course;
•    E-journal “International Journal on Bilingual Education" will be peer reviewed;
•    Evaluation will be done in three levels: (a)Evaluation of process;( b) Evaluation of outcomes; (c) Evaluation of Impact.

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